Thursday, July 10, 2008

So Much To Blog About

There's so much to blog about and I dropped the ball a bunch of months ago.

So the perfectionist in me says that I must start at the beginning. So that takes me back to, oh, February? Ok, so I start looking for pictures from that time to accompany the belated blog and what do I find? I find that once we went digital, I had renamed each photo so as to make them easy to categorize. Yikes....dropped that ball too. So I go back to where I need to start renaming. That takes us to, oh, August of 2006 when my niece visited for a week and B quit smoking?

See the giant impediment to my blogging!! It's HUGE!!

Anyway, enough of my silliness. I'd like to tell you about some stuff that's been going on lately. I'd like to get some thoughts down, rant and prattle on mindlessly. (You did see the 'Ramblings' tag, didn't you?) I'd even like to become a little more technically blog savvy. Now, how is that supposed to happen if I keep avoiding this place?

And another thing - I'm not really liking the Google Reader thing. You know, Doc went and made a whole new set of digs for her Sunrise Rants to shine on and I've been over, what...twice?! I can't even find a couple of the blogs I used to like to read for whatever reason and I still have to click a lot to get to what I want to read.

So, onward and upward, my meagre reader. Readers? Are there more than one of you? Anyway...moving around the Mountain of Unfinishedness to get to the business of satisfying you voyeuristic insatiables who insist on keeping up to date with me and mine.

Read on if you will. I'm not promising pictures.

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