Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good Thing I'm Sitting Down!!!

Ho-ly!!! Just called the local YMCA to inquire about swimming lessons for Kori before the summer is out. Lessons are full. The lovely lady on the phone reminded me that come Sept. 1/06, swimming lessons are free, year-round when you have a membership. So, conversation continues and I learn that currently, a child's membership costs $186/yr. As of Sept. 1/06, the cost will be $278.37/yr!!! I was trying to finagle $186! Cripes! I was expecting an increase...just not that much of an increase. So now instead of 'perhaps, trying to come up with membership money before September' we're at 'if I want a membership I better find the money by September'!

Perhpas the kids and I will roll coins for this afternoons math work....

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