Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trying To Catch Up...

Hi all...sorry...not so chatty lately.

My neice Samantha was here for a week. That was a great week, but busy. Computer went down. A couple of new parts and she runs like a dream. I've been back-to-school shopping. Today we were in Ottawa and I managed to get the kids Fall shoes and a few items of clothing. I wasn't very impressed with the styles at The Children's Place. Still need pants - not jeans - for Rai and a dress and pants - not jeans - for Kori too. Also got a new school shelf at Ikea. This week I was attending a scrapbook workshop in the evenings. All I can say is that I'm very thankful that I don't work part-time anymore. I thought it would be easier to leave the house now that the kids are older and everyone is fairly self-feeding...not so, my friend. Also I have been trying ot get this Home Schoolers Picnic off the ground. Looks like it might be only the regulars that attend...but not much I can do about that. But at least the word is beginning to get out there as it has been mentioned in the papers and Dad put a message up on the Midas reader board. lol

So, this is our last weekend of summer....Brian is officially back to a regular 5 day work week and bi-weekly pager duty. I am putting on my gloves in preparation for the Girl Guides battle that seems to be brewing. Hockey schedule in in...of course it conflicts with Kori's do I double up some evenings, or change Kori's nights and be out every night? Oh the decisions I am plagued with. Good thing I went to college.

New pics tomorrow. Meeting friends at SLP tomorrow. Sleeping in tomorrow. Taking out the air conditioner and cleaning the BBQ grill tomorrow. Loading the school shelf tomorrow. Ordering K's dresser tomorrow. May build Rai's dresser...but probably not tomorrow.

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