Wednesday, August 9, 2006

The President Has Gone Underground!

A really nice in the sun, nice breeze...cold whne you get out of the pool, yet you sure do dry off fast.

Again I must brag that I was up and going at 7am. A little sluggish after being up 'till 2am, however that's what I get for drinking coffee at 10pm. So, after showers and breakfast, I baked a No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake. Tell me that's not an oxymoron. I doubled the recipe and now I have a No-Bake Blueberry cheesecake in the freezer. Kids had to be cleaned this morning as well...I found last night's ice cream all over Raiden's neck. How does that happen when he eats it out of a bowl with a spoon?? The kids did a bit of work on their book reports, I made Bri's lunch and we were out the door - EARLY! - to our friends' for lunch and a swim. Home around 3:30, let the dog out, packed everyone up and we were off to the Blood Donor Clinic. Picked up Brian downtown and I'm ready to make a quick dinner for the kids. Lookie me go...being all productive and social.

Now, somewhere in there, insanity struck and I invited the kids' friend D. over. He's to arrive at 9am tomorrow. I wonder how long I can keep this whole 7am thing up? Apparently for another day as you cannot walk down the front hall without tripping on backpacks, the cooler and other various misplaced items.

I have officially entered into the Home Schooling Twilight Zone. It happens to many of us who try to follow a semi-structured approach. In Spring, we can often be heard to brag about how we are taking all of August to set up the school area, plan the lessons, get supplies, etc. Now, here it is August 9th and I have only a vague idea of a weekly schedule in mind. I have catalogues...somewhere...that I could look through. I could probably even find some money to order some stuff if I really looked. I really had better get on some of this stuff....I have been plagued with scary thoughts of scheduling not only the school work, but also my evening activities...'cause Christmas is coming, ornaments need to be finished, kids need sweaters and mitts for the Fall, my photos need to go into albums. Goodness. And I was hoping to take on a weeny amount of volunteer work this Fall. I would really LOVE to return to the riding stables. However, I could see that easily turning into a nightmare with the pager schedule, the kids and the fact that I'd have to go to North Augusta. So I can more realistically see doing some work for OFTP, or even more locally on the HSing front. Oh well...maybe I can reward myself with trying to work the stable thing after I've got all the other ducks in a row.

I am off to upload some photos...titles will come later...

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