Thursday, August 17, 2006

Taking A Minute

It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and update things. Sorry...although, I'm probably doing this for absolutely no reason at all since noone ever leaves me a message so how am I to know people check in and read my ramblings or not!?!?!!

So, short version....I've been Spring cleaning. Everything that doesn't belong, is too small, is not played with anymore has been moved to the basement. All I have left to organize/clean is the master bedroom and the basement. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the bulk of that work in the next few days. I got my first ever ticket last Sunday night. Turns out I didn't have to pay it, and we have to write a letter to Officer Rogers to remind him to actually read the statutes before he goes issuing tickets. He must have missed the part about 'only 2 lights on the front of the vehicle are required by law' Apparently my 5 out of 6 operating lights wasn't good enough for him. Retrieved Kori from the McCombs on Monday. She had a great weekend and was very tired when she got home. Had a nice lunch with friends on Wednesday. Today Kori had a haircut and we finished up all our library work in preparation for the celebratory Pizza Party tomorrow.

I am looking forward to a Scrapbooking afternoon on Saturday. The kids have a birthday party to go to on Saturday as well. Kori and I will get a batch of jam together on the weekend. Hopefully Strawberry and Peach...seperate jars though...!!

I have begun planning the Homeschooler's Picnic for the 6th of September. I'm kinda excited, but also freaked out. The lady who manages the email tree for area homeschoolers seems to be MIA. So I was only able to send the invitation out to those addresses I have...which is not by any means a lot of's not even most of the people! We're planning on meeting for lunch at Noon, then havin ga scavenger hunt for the kids before trooping off to the beach. Then ending at the little kid's playground...beside which is a lovely green space for field games that the bigger kids will enjoy. I have bounced my ideas off a few of the ladies who have been attending our Coffee nights and they sound excited. A few have even stepped forward in order to help plan. In other home schooling news, I have been invited to speak to a parlimentry committee () regarding the concerns I have voiced over Bill 52. Of course all the meetings are taking place in the Toronto area, so I am considering a written submission.

Fall plans are coming together as far as a schedule for Home & School. I must remember to schedule Brian in or he may be left behind. I am not looking forward to him returning to work 5 days a week...It is so nice and relaxed when he is on for 4 and off for 3. We're going to try a four day school week. Monday (Science), Tuesday(History/Geography), Thursday(Music) and Friday(French?). Wednesday will be our 'out' day for errands and groceries and such. I'd like to sit with the kids each month (week?) and have then help to plan our schedule. I'd like to be able to have them put up things on the calender so we remember to do the things that are often pushed aside due to 'running out of time'. Things like a hike, a day to go through their monthly magazine, Board Game Night, Family Swim, letter writing day (that ought to be popular!), baking day, etc. Of course, every school day they should be doing their Math, Reading, Writing and Character/Values type of things. Apparently I'm becoming more organized (it's certainly not second nature and I'm fighting every minute of it...Brian's helping me cope) so I suppose I'll throw in Family Meetings (which we sort of alread have on 'allowance' days) and a 'Prep' day so I can do the calender and plan some lessons.

The only thing I haven't figured out is where I'm supposed to get the energy to pull it all off on a regular basis. Because of course, in theory, it sounds good. However, practically, it all goes down the drain after the kids have spent the majority of the time dragging their feet to see if I'm serious or not. Like today. But that's a post for tomorrow when (hopefully) I have a better perspective.


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