Wednesday, September 6, 2006

A Scrambly Back To School

Popping in to recap the last couple of days. Over the weekend, we built the new school shelf. Now there are no excuses about not finding things or not having enough room. Big Ass Shelf pictures to follow. Built Raiden's dresser. He helped. Sort of. Those pics also to follow.

Tuesday was Back to Fall Schedule. Everyone out of bed at 7:30. To begin our school year, we started out by taking Nuk for a walk. We were blessed with the rare sighting of the local public school's first in the playground...bell rings...teachers appear with whistles to call the kids. Kori and Rai are boggled by the whistle thing. Our work for the morning was to plan September. Then we were off to Kingston to get Rai's molars sealed. Had to put him on the emergency list for a sedation so he can get a different problem fixed. I'm hoping that the dental situation will calm down soon.

Wednesday I finished getting ready for the picnic. Or at least I tried. Fielded phone calls all morning. Made it to the park 15 minutes beofre 12. The newspaper reporter was waiting for us....he was a bit early. I think the kids had a great time. Rai fell asleep on the couch at 6 if that's any indication. Met lots of people...made sure to spend time talking to everyone. Have a good group all revved up to spend some time together this year.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Kids will need to sit and do some work. I think I've found them a math program so I will attempt to have them write the placement test tomorrow. Hopefully this bit of them taking forever to get anything done will be short lived. I know I need to be patient and stick to the Schedule. But I hope I don't go insane in the meantime. I mean, really, when I sne dyou up to get dressed and then I go up 15 minutes later, you should really have accomplished more then putting your pants on. Really.

More tomorrow night, hopefully....

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