Saturday, September 9, 2006

We Made It To The Weekend

We got through the first short week of the Schedule. The dog got walked...twice. I think I got, um, 2 loads of laundry done. Totally frustrated myself trying to shop online for a stupid math program.

Ok,'s not a stupid math program. Really, it's one of the best. It's the stupid webpages. Why would anyone make a webpage that loads the covers of textbooks as pictures...but you can only see one corner of the dumb book because the silly graphic is too big? And, of course, they have to make their entire line of math texts load up on the same not only do you have to wait 20 minutes (yes, we have a lickity-split connection and I just dumped a new whatever in the PC to make it go a bajillion times faster) to have the graphics load, you have to scroll down and to the sides. Drives me batty. And then try to figure out prices. They hide their shipping rates...and they make it nearly impossible to figure out which taxes go good luck estimating a total so that you can apply 12%, 10% or 8% for shipping. Another good joke is trying to shop locally. I can drive up to Kemptville and pick up everything I need, theoretically saving myself the shipping costs...however the books have to be bought seperately, not in a 'kit' (teacher's manual, workbooks, manipulitives, review book) and they are more expensive then if I order from the company in ALBERTA and pay to have them shipped to me....I think. There's that tax thing to figure out still. Funny enough...the Newfoundland company has an easy to navigate, clear and concise webpage...and you don't lose everything when you click over to the 'Shipping and Handling' page...

The Schedule is working out allright. Kori is being dragged ou tof bed at 7:30 each morning and we're all still alive. Raiden is actually finding things to do...Lego, Bionicle, those loud spinning things...I even caught him reading on his own. They each picked out a bit of work that they produced this week to show Dad when he came home on Friday. Apparently, that was popular for all involved. Raiden even postponed his going outside to wait until Brian was able to look over his page of printing.

We set off for Kingston Friday night. Had to stop by a friend's house to pick up fresh apples and pears from the orchard on the way. That was unfortunate. We were going to go out for dinner....but Raiden had a suddenly painful tummy so we left the overcrowded resturant and picked up Arby's for in the car. Bri rushed us home in 40 minutes flat and Rai ran for his bed. He was in a lot of pain. It's really very curious at how quickly he can go from 'just fine' to 'not at all good'. It's disappointing as well. We've been so careful not to have junk food or anything else that may bother him. He was so hungry and Brian was looking forward to a dinner out as a treat. Rai did have a fever so we gave him the last of the Tylenol and he finally passed out. He was up at midnight...his stomach still hurting. He had an Ibruprofin and he slept again until he climbed in with us at 7 this morning. As he woke up he was getting increasingly another pill and he seems to be holding...he's not eating, but at least he's not vomiting this time. This is almost a week to the day that he had his last episode. He missed last Friday at the park due to being up all Thursday night. Not sure what to do about the whole thing. Taking him to Emergency in the midst of his stomach pains seems silly. They'd probably give him a Gravol and send us home after a six hour wait. Mind you, they'd be hard pressed to blame his fever on indigestion. Niggling in the back of my mind is his tooth problem....WHY don't kids come with a manual!!??

Girl Guide registration is coming up. Hockey starts on Monday. Swimming will start the week after. I am not looking forward to the politics of organized activities. Brian has said he'll take Kori to Guides if necessary. My solution was to enroll her in Maitland or Mallorytown....Bri thinks I need a backbone. He's probably right. Hockey shouldn't be too bad. There's some nice people there. I am a little anxious about running in to one particular family...but that's only because I need to have a backbone. It's unfortunate to have to say to these people - who I considered friends and who offered Brian work when he lost his job- 'hey, where's the money you owe my brother for the month he worked for you...and what's up with the two cheques you bounced on him??' So...that should be interesting...however, I heard a rumour that their little guy is going to be playing in the Brockville league this year instead of the Christian league...However, I'd rather I say something to them before my dad and brothers decide to go and say something....geesh.

Aren't I rambly today?? I am off to clean up...I'm looking forward to the community garage sale next Staurday (i.e. junk collection at the curb) as there is half a house to get rid of. I think I am going to put out the kids' bureaus as Raiden's dresser is here and built and Kori's should arrive on Friday. Brian has also agreed to look through the basement with me and see what we can get rid of. He reall, really doesn't want me to have a garage sale...he doesn't want me to sell stuff online at TP...and I have a hard time just throwing things away when I could get something for it. What a stalemate. But, we're bursting at the seams and I'm pretty much fed up with the dog getting stuck behind the washing machine and having to keep my clothes in the basement and having half of the kids' toys stacked in boxes. Wish us luck and ask God to grant me patience....I have great expectations, though...after all, we did put the air conditioner in this year without out the basement should be a breeze.

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