Friday, September 22, 2006

I Have A Headache. How's That For A Title??

Since it's 11:30pm and I"ve been fighting a headache all day...I'll give the short and sweet version.

We've done next to no school work except to keep up with our reading and outside activities. We've been in the basement, cleaning & organizing and feeding Raiden all week. Basement is coming along. Should be able to make some more progress tomorrow. Perhaps I should set a goal to finish it completely this weekend...but that would be ambitious.

Dr. Ashe called tonight. I was sort of hoping we wouldn't hear from him. Rai is feeling better. He finished the antibiotics last night. He probably overdid it a little today as we had a busy day with little to no downtime for him. He went to bed with a bad stomach ache. Anyway, Dr. says his culture showed a penicillan resistant bacteria that can show up as a urine infection (among other wonderful things). It is not very common. It shows up in primarily immunocompromised people. The bacteria is naturally present in the gut. But it wreaks a bit of havok when it escapes into your system. And the big question is: why is it escaping the gut? Which, it seems, Dr. Ashe is wanting to find the answer to. He needs to read up on whether the antibiotic Rai was on actually knocks this infection down or apparently is a very picky bacteria that is not easy to be rid of. We need to go in for more testing on Monday morning to have another set of cultures for comparison. Brian is not a happy camper, so I will take the 'git-er-done guy' part on this one, I guess. Googling the bacterial infection is just about as good as when I was Googling 'Limping Toddler' and we ended up in CHEO. Poor little seems he's always got the short end. This week I came across a picture of him in his little cast from the summer he dislocated his elbow and they messed around with it so much at Emerg that Dr. Swanson put him in a cast for a month. Anyway...we'll see what happens on next week. Hopefully he doesn't go downhill over the weekend...I've got him all geared up to start back to school work and hockey.

Nanny Elane is visiting this weekend. We're due to celebrate her birthday out at the farm this weekend. And my new Stampin Up stamps are all ready to go with my new scrapbooking supplies...unfortunately, I neglected to get cleaner to get the ink off the least I remembered before I used them. I'll have to get Jennifer to give me her Cheap Version Recipe. Oh well, I have the basement to finish anyway.

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