Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And So The New Season Begins

Raiden is somewhat improved. His tests revealed an increased white count, but with the antibiotics started before the urinalysis completed, it's hard to tell exaxtly what he was fighting. The fevers have stopped and today he was motivated to play with some of his toys. After a huge nap, he thought he might make an appearance at Beavers tonight. He stayed for the whole hour...but only because there was lots of sit down stuff, he said. He also was not impressed with the noise. My poor, sheltered children. They're not used to 9 screaming boys in a small enclosed space...Is that pleasant for anyone...really?? He has also found some appitite, so that is encouraging.

Kori started Guides last night. There were fewer people there that she knew and more of them in uniform than she expected. So I was treated to the 'old' Kori who put on the brakes and nearly refused to attend. She did stay and by the time we picked her up, she was happy and had collected the names and numbers of a few girls. It hink we'll go up to Ktown this weekend and get her uniform. Today my mom came by and collected Kori for an afternoon of errands. She was supposed to take her out to the house to sew, however, that plan turned in to 'errands in town until 4'. She should be home by bedtime.

The leadership of the kids' activities seems to be much improved compared to last year. I hope swimming follows suit.

I am off to bath His Majesty and remind him that the servitude is not a new fangled parenting plan...it was just a temporary measure to keep him alive during his illness. I think a 2-day wean is in order. We started today with eating at the table and will continue tomorrow with less tv and more getting dressed.

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