Friday, September 22, 2006

I've been A.W.O.L.

(from my original blog before moving to eBlogger)

Hi all...

Sorry to neglect you. During the day, I feel like crawling into bed; during the night I can't get to sleep...I swear, my head hits the pillow at 11pm and I suddenly have enough energy to do laundry, plan lessons and plug away at the basement.

So, the short story...waiting for Raiden's referral. I meant to call the office today at 3:50 (a really great time to call our office...really...I'll explain another time). But I didn't. I was driving to get Brian.

Basement progress is being made...although slowly...I can get into the laundry room now. Well, sort of, I washed all the delicates so flimsy bits are strewn about drying. I re-cleaned the basement hallway today and moved the crib out of the back room. It's going to moms...I'm having issues with that. Kori's new bed is set up..her room is still a disorganized mess. Big bed set up downstairs...I like having the 'stiff bed' option sometimes. Although, I'm a big suck now and sleep better with another body next to me rather than without. Even on the waterbed.

Kids seem ok...Rai's not sleeping through the night...although, it is rare when he does. Of course everything he does now set me to thinking nasty thoughts. Their activities are going well...Rai would really like to do Indoor soccer...however it is on Tuesday nights at 6 one week, 7 the next. So he would only go to alternate Beaver meetings. Conundrum. Also waiting for the hockey schedule to be finalized.

I made a Blog over at HomeschoolingBlogger. I haven't blogged anything...but I put a site counter on it and apparently people are stopping by even though it is blank...odd. Although, it is neat to sit and look over a blog and then hit the "Random Blog" maybe people are just ramdomly happening upon my page. Curious either way. I'll probably keep this one going for pics and such, until I figure it out over there...but I'm feeling pretty blah about I don't know.

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