Monday, September 11, 2006

Check Your Windows....My Schedule Should Be Flying By

Rai had a pretty rough night. His fever seems to be getting worse, not better. The kiddy Motrin is not doing it's job as the fever is now breaking through it mid dose. I should have made him have the Tylenol, but he likes the chewy pills. So we've reverted to 17th century fever, not leeches...just a cool bath. I think he's caught a bug of some sort, plus there's his tooth and his stomach woes to make it all worse. I was able to get him an appointment at 4:20, so we'll pop down to see Dr. Ashe as soon as Brian gets home.

Kori seems to be feeling better. ALthough I know she's not totally 100%. She's doing absolutely nothing today...and she's not bored. That's a sure sign that's something's going on. Her throat feels better though, she says...

We did get our read aloud book picked and started. I told the kids that I would pick a selection of well written, good, literature-ish books and they could choose from that selection. We only are planning on reading a chapter a day as Rai thinks he'll get bored if we read for a long 15minutes would be awful to sit though...he says. lol They picked Charlotte's Web and we read the first three chapters at Raiden's request. It is so nice to read a real book to them instead of this Pokemon cr*p that he's been enamoured with lately. However, the cr*p is actually motivating him to read independently, so I'm not complaining at all.

I've also been able to pick up an excellent typing tutor for the PC. I skipped the kid version and went straight for the 8+ version. Kori is asking to learn to type properly, so there is no time better to begin. As soon as I can get Rai settled and her set up, she'll get started on that.

That's all for now folks...going to check on the progress of our 103.7F fever...

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