Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another Weekend

Things are very sluggish and tired around here. Raiden is not doing well. The short story is that he's had a fever for a week that keeps spiking and is not responding well to the regular Advil, Tylenol, Motrin. Up to Friday, it's been getting worse, not better. Dr. Wagg saw him Friday and ordered blood tests and a urinalysis. He doesn't have any great ideas, but we know whatever it is that Rai's come down with is not your usual strep, rash, cold or flu. It could be just a nasty virus however he said it may also be a bladder/urine infection. If so, he said that will require further investigation as little boys don't tend to get those 'just because'. The blood draw was not popular, by the ladies at the lab were wonderful. A mini-soccer ball accompanied by a box of Dairy Queen Dilly Bars along with two BlockBuster movies seemsed to soften the blow. Not only that, by the time we got home, Brian had hooked up the satalite for the weekend. Kori's been hitting all the 'good' channels like Discovery, A&E, Animal Planet, etc. It was funny to see her reaction to the 'useless' shows with commercials every 2 minutes. Ahh...I love not being ruled by tv. But I digress. We weren't able to get a urine sample from Rai by the time the lab closed for the weekend. So I called the doctor's office and Mrs. Kuipers and I decided it would be best to start the antibiotics anyway...even though it will throw off the urine sample that I still have to drop off on Monday morning. The antibiotics will start to work in 36-48 hours if it's something that will be helped by them. If they don't work, we're no further behind. Rai slept not too badly Friday night, which was good for me. I think I'm too old for these sleepless nights. Now I know why God makes babies who don't sleep through the night so cute.

Kori and I are off for a quick tour of the YMCA. I'm still not very happy with them, but a tour might motivate Kori to take advantage of some of the other programs they have available. Brian is debating a run up to Kingston. It's nice to see him doing some things for him. And today is Janie's big moving day. Lucas is working, so Janie gets to do the bulk of it herself. And before you think he's a big dolt for making her move into their new apartment on her own, it's a furnished little beach house somewhere just out of town on the river. I'm excited to see it. I did get afew things out for the Community Garage Sale. Some guy in a big flatbed truck came and hauled most things away. I didn't get the kids' dressers out yet, they might just end up being firewood. I did take a run through the basement...there's not as much as I thought that I can put out. Oh well...such is life.

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