Monday, September 11, 2006


So of course, Rai's fever breaks and he has a totally normal temperature by the time we arrive and the doctor's.Talk about making a liar out of me. Must have been the Tootsie pop that Mrs. Kuipers gave him while we were waiting to see the doctor. Doctor tells Rai that of course he's well enough to go to hockey tonight. Off we trek home, pack up quickly, get the skates sharpened, hit the arena, dress up, hit the ice, skate for 10 minutes and climb off the ice in tears. His tummy hurts. He fell on his knee. He's soooooo cold...and his fever's back.

We stipped him down, came home and he's now firmly entrenched in the waterbed...hopefully sleeping after some Tylenol.

And Kori likes the new typing tutor. Yippie.

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