Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back To School insanity Management

After a few days of freaking out and general anxiety over the upcoming school year (which leads to the re-evaluation of many of my parenting strategies because, after all, home education goes hand in hand with parenting in general) I have a proactive plan.

Are you waiting in suspense?

I poked around and found some new-to-me websites. I though reading about curriculum planning and, more basically, how to homeschool would be helpful. Sort of a refresher, if you will. I thought staying away from the 'what backpack should I buy' and 'what does your school supply list say?' would be helpful in my present state of mind. I expect I will be spending even more time here:

Next, I went to the library and I picked up the very basic, very much for beginners, very orange Complete Idiot's Guide To Homeschooling. It has a chapter on planning the school year, which for some reason, I feel compelled to do. My ol' stand-by 'Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants' plan isn't leaving me with the warm fuzzies anymore.

For good measure, I also borrowed Building Moral Intelligence : The Seven Essential Virtues That Teach Kids To Do The Right Thing. Part of me is curious to see if we're on the right track. Another part of me is looking for some pointers as the smaller members of this family are, shall we say, lacking respect, empathy and self-control in their interactions. Hmm...that's a juxtaposition of statements if I ever read one. But, I will leave the glaring obviousness of it there for your reading pleasure.

Finally, I made a list of general subjects that I have the resources for. I listed some areas of interest in each subject that the kids seem to be interested in. For example, I have quite a few things on the shelf that could be lumped together as Canadian Studies. Kori and Raiden both like Canadian Geography. Kori would especially enjoy some fictional read aloud based on Canadian History and Raiden likes Current Events. Both are quite interested in the whole election process and how the different levels of government work.

So, armed with my list and my reading, I feel I have some direction for my energies. Always a good thing when the alternative is worried obsession.

As it happens, wheels are turning in other areas of my homeschooling world.

A group of area moms would like to get together and spend a day with my copy of The Ultimate Lapbook Handbook. There has been talk of continuing with our infrequent Coffee & Chat evenings. It seems the Homelearners' Picnic last Fall was a success and there has been a request for it's return. As well, I think there may be enough interest to set up a Field Trip Club/CoOp.

So, here at home I dive into the upcoming unknowns found in various chapters and articles, looking for hints and hopefully a few confirmations. Life marches on outside and I am happy to be involved there too.

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