Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Winding Down and Wrapping Up

Here we have a rare creation: Raiden's play-doh dinosaur. He's not a child who is a 'creator' of objects using squishy stuff. He was quite proud of this little green number, though, so I was sure to snap a picture of it as soon as we got home.

Rai made his dino-buddy at one of the summer's last library programs. Soccer has wrapped up as well. Same with swimming. Kori will be off to her grandparent's this weekend to enjoy a 4-day stay. That is always a sign that summer is winding down.

School planning is coming along. I have a good idea of what I would like to cover in most areas. If it happens, great. If not, that's ok as well, as long as we're interested and busy with something. I've devised a daily school schedule in order to keep me on track. The kids are normally fairly easy going. If I don't keep them moving forward, they're happy to settle in and do nothing. Some days, that's ok. I'm hoping that with my planning, those days will be a treat - few and far between.

Now that I have a guideline (scope & sequence, if you prefer) I am collecting resources and making lesson plans. I have also started a read aloud list. I'm scared to delve too deeply into planned read alouds as there are not enough days in the year to get through even some of the books that we'd like to get to. But a few selections I don't want to forget about, so on the list they go. I'm only buying one pre-planned resource for a Canadian Studies. I'm well stocked with pre-planned materials for math and history and all things language arts. I'd like to focus most of my creative effort on pulling together activities/lessons for science, read alouds and language.

I am excited about area homeschooling events that seem to be in the works. It's always nice to be in the 'loop', even if the loop is of your own design. This weekend a few of us are getting together to cut and paste. Actually, we're going to try creating some of the ideas in Cyndy Regeling's book.

A great Homeschooler's Picnic is in the works for the day after Labour Day. I'm so glad someone (Thanks Lyn!) took up the reins of that project. The kids are very excited.

September's field trip will be to the International Plowing Match. It looks to be a huge production and I will say I am glad it will be a guided field trip. I could just imagine the kids and I walking through the displays. It would be the blind leading the blind. We are such city dwellers. I'm to be planning October's field trip which will be - hopefully - to the local newspaper. A couple of other ideas are in the works as well. I'll brag about them if they end up working out.

And so goes the season change. I know it's still summer, but it has been much cooler this last few days. Everywhere we go it's 'Back to School'. There are even Fall-looking hay-bales out at some of the area stores. I shouldn't even mention it, but the Hallowe'en things are out at the Dollar Store. Doesn't it make you want to go off the grid and just enjoy the seasons as they come? I'm all for looking ahead and planning for whatever is coming next, but let's keep things manageable, people.

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