Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Champs

One of our favorite parks has been transformed this weekend. It's Ribfest 2007.

I know, it sounded a little redneck the first time I heard about it too. But hey, that first year, it was free, outdoors and had entertainment. So I took the kids. Neither the kids nor I ate ribs, but we saw some friendly faces and had a great time just hanging out.
The next year, Brain didn't have to work and a tradition was started. We now go for ribs.
This year, the opening ceremonies featured - for the first time - a rib eating contest. It was a relay event. Each of the 4 team members was to eat a half-rack of ribs as fast as possible. The team with the fastest time won.
I was half surprised a week ago when Brian came home and told me he'd put together a team. They even had a sponsor so noone was out the registration fee. All we had to do was show up. As it happened, 12 teams were entered. The competition was fierce.

However, Brian never worried. For someone who eats as fast as he does - and knows it - he was pretty confident. He even anchored the event, pulling his team out of perhaps a somewhat slow start to an obvious first place finish.

We're all very proud. There is talk of defending the title next year.

The prize package was generous. A couple of gift certificates (Home Hardware and The Butcher Shop) as well as rib judging privileges. Can it get any better?

We spent the Friday night and Saturday's lunch- and dinner-times jumping the queue to go straight to the grill where Brian traded in his judging ticket for a basket of ribs and chicken. We ate a fortune worth of food, filled in the paperwork and handed in Brian's choices well before the deadline.

Then, as if we hadn't had enough of BBQ meat, we returned to Ribfest just before it ended for Sunday dinner. Kori really wanted ribs for dinner. We also wanted to see how the judging had fared. Brian's first choices didn't win, but that's ok. Kori and I ate ribs from his #1 choice and they were excellent. Messy. But really good.

There was no admission, lots for the kids to do and live entertainment all weekend long. The venue was packed with people and the volunteers and staff worked diligently to keep it clean. Heck, they even brought you wet naps at the most opportune times. Even the non-rib-eaters could enjoy themselves with fresh, roasted corn (even if it was ridiculously expensive at $3 an ear!) and fresh lemonade. This was a great family event....on a more local note, perhaps the Riverfest organizers could use a pointer or two form the Ribfest organizers....


oom said...

ROFL! I love it! Congrats to your dh! What a great way to enjoy the weekend. The ribs look excellent.

Oh...and nice pink shirt :-)

jugglingpaynes said...

It's nice that Brian can take a little "ribbing" for being a fast eater. We all have our strengths.

Really though, after all that eating, you needed Sunday dinner? It sounds like you were all well stuffed from rib judging!

I hope you got to see some meteors. Our sky went overcast shortly after it got dark. When I got up for the meteors it was raining. *Sigh* :o(

Peace and Laughter,