Thursday, August 9, 2007

In Other News...

In other news, things have been enjoyably busy around here.

I made ribs for the first time ever on the BBQ and Brian says they were good.

We've done some visiting with both my extended family as well as Brian's. No, not together. Very time consuming.

Kori was sick briefly. It could have had something to do with the long weekend, camping out, late movies and 2am campfires. She's feeling better now.

The kids and I had a beach day. Then we took Brian to the beach on the weekend to show off Raiden's newly acquired swimming skills.

I have harvested and am drying some peppermint. Perhaps I'll be able to make a cup of tea by Fall. Brian's hot peppers are growing like weeds! A couple peppers are almost ready to harvest and there are flowers popping up all over the plants indicating a huge prospective crop...well, huge for 6 little plants being grown in a small container.

I've been haunting my favorite blogs - some very good reading lately, ladies! Kudos to those of you who also visit here. Pardon my lack of comments.

And, due to a late cappuccino, I am off to have a snack and a tv show before a late bedtime. Gute Nacht!


jugglingpaynes said...

Hi Bonni,
I assumed you were busy. I've been trying to slack off a little, but I'm thinking it's useless. Moms don't get down time. At least not the large, renewing chunks of down time I desire.
I'm glad you've been able to spend time preparing for your new homeschool year. I have a very basic organization process, but it does wonders to keep us on task during the year.
Enjoy your research and prep time!
Peace and Laughter,

Bonni said...

AAK! A simple AND effective organizational process?! You must have forgotton to finish your, details?? Please??!

Heidi the Hick said...


Really impressed that you've got peppers! It's been so dry here (north of T.O.) that all my vege plants are shrivelled and sad looking! I've been watering them with rinse water from the kitchen sink because we're on a watering ban.

My mom's grown peppermint forever. In summer we just pinch off a few leaves and drop it in a mug of hot water. It's heavenly with some honey.

Thanks for dropping by to see my library!

jugglingpaynes said...

Hi Bonni,
I'm procrastinating again. I should be inking my comics, as I have big things scheduled for the next few weeks.
I just wanted to thank you for your note and let you know Chase is doing a lot better. Good thing I had two chances to catch this at a treatable stage!
I must think about ticks and what we can learn from them.

Peace and Laughter,

jugglingpaynes said...

Oh sorry,
P.S.- My simple organization is to write each child's weekly subjects in a notebook. Each subject lists the days it should be done and we check them off as they are completed. When I feel really ambitious, I write down what pages they should be reading in which book.
If I notice we haven't had time to work on a particular subject, we try to devote some extra time to it. It works for us because I can tell at a glance where I need to focus attention.
Peace and Laughter,