Wednesday, September 26, 2007

After...A Week Later

Ho-ly! A week has passed. A WEEK! A week. How'd that happen?!

September is wrapping up and I'm still feeling somewhat organized. How'd that happen?!

The kids have each begun one of their two chosen activities. The organized chaos of hockey has ended as 60 kids have been divvied up onto four teams. Now there is only 30 small people on the ice at any given time. Workable. I worked the kinks out at swimming and Kori is happily swimming in a small group of 4 kids. She is in level 3 and the other children are in levels 4 and 5. This is good as Kori can see the more advanced skills demonstrated, she has more instructor time and she even likes the kids in her class. Extra-curricular Utopia.

October is shaping up as well. Doesn't it look organized? I like stickers. It makes scheduling easier. Really. Both kids will start soccer in October. I've heard from Kori's coach, but not Rai's.

I like October. I like to go to the apple orchard. I like all the pumpkins and squash and gourds. I like coloured leaves. This October, I want to knit and do some final bits of canning. Someone please remind me of these goals before the end of October, will you?

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Frankie said...

I *really* like your calendar. Really. A lot. Was going to ask where you got it, but I liked it so much I clicked on it to make it bigger and found the website.

I really want one. Really.

One question: How well do the magnets work? I have a fridge calendar now and it slides all over. So if I get your pretty calendar, I want to know if it will stay put.

Did I mention that I really like your calendar? lol

not normally such a goofball