Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Flexibility Demonstrated

When extolling the virtues of homeschooling, people are usually quick to go on about the flexibility of such a lifestyle. Yesterday at our house was a picture perfect demonstration.

We had a bit of a late start, but I had school work pulled and ready to go for whenever the kids were ready. Brian returned to work after his lunch break and my brother-in-law, a SAHD, called. He hated to ask, but something had come up and could I run over and help with the baby for a couple of hours. So the kids and I donned raincoats and off we went to borrow a car to get to Uncle's. Three hours of toddler taming ensued.

(At one point, I was sitting on the couch, thinking of my own kids' toddler years and wondering exactly what it was that I had done all day as my two chased their cousin. It all came back to me pretty quickly. Little kids run around getting into things and eating constantly.)

Raiden at one point held his cousin and carried him around. Raiden has always avoided such a situation before. He thought cousin was wiggly, heavy and strong. Kori, in her ever constant bid to be 'in charge' of the baby, found herself catching mostly-eaten apple. She was not impressed. She much preferred picking out fresh tee-shirts for the boy.

When we left to return home, it was pouring. We returned our borrowed vehicle and walked home. In the rain. And everyone knows walking in the rain encourages downpours to become torrents. Raincoats don't do anything in that kind of weather. The kids figured a play in the rain was in order since they were already soaked to the skin. I think they had fun....
After pouring out and drying off, we had just enough time to squeeze in a math lesson each.
So, although we didn't get to all the 'scheduled' work I had planned for today, we had a full, busy, unexpected day. Scheduled work can wait. In the past, I would have attempted to cram as much as possible into the last minutes of our day. This year, I am feeling more organized - I am more organized - and it's easier to let it slide. I know that math is a priority for us to finish. The kids have discussed it and they'd like to be done their math books around the March Break. That means at least five lessons a week. So, in our available hour, we did math. And there's no stress or anxiety about the other work that will get pushed to today, combined with something else or just left out altogether.
See? Flexible. Lessons in Helping Others and Family Time rather than Language Arts and History. It's all good.

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Romany said...

It *IS* good to be flexible, isn't it?

And yet...

We've been so flexible at times, that we've veered into 'floppy' territory many times.{g}

Our problem now is to stick on course because the possibilities for attractive and necessary jaunts off course are endless.