Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My September calendar has been looking a little naked. There's a good reason for that, though.

The kids had their choice of 2 activities to sign up for this Fall. Hockey for Raiden and swimming for Kori were givens. I am so happy that Kori has finally found something that she likes to do.

The kids made their choices fairly quickly and easily. They chose to forgo their Cubs/Guides and do indoor soccer instead. This will be Kori's first foray into team sports.

So we were all set with our choices. The only drawback is that scheduling is a bit delayed. We never hear what the hockey schedule will be until the absolutely last minute. It makes scheduling other activities very difficult. I tried not to stress about it this year. Indoor soccer is marginally better. At least we know that Kori will be playing on Thursdays and Raiden on Tuesdays. Start dates are up in the air.

Things have worked out not too badly. The hockey schedule has been posted 6 whole days before we 'need' it! Monday: hockey. Tuesday: swimming, Rai's soccer. Thursday: K's soccer. We try not to schedule anything on Fridays and I particularly like having Wednesdays off as well. Wednesday is a good library/errand/grocery day.

So I am off to fill up my calendar. I feel so grounded when I have a full calendar.


Kellie said...

You're tagged lady! Time for a meme... (this is a hit and run...)!


jugglingpaynes said...

You are so lucky! I live for those times when my schedule clears! I've been out and about for three days now, and tomorrow our nature class starts.
This is why I like rough winter weather. It keeps us home. Are Canadians like upstate New Yorkers? Does it take more than a couple of inches for things to shut down? My hubby likes to bluster about our area closing down for a "dusting."
Peace and Laughter,