Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Kids Are Filthy

We got down and dirty for the 'first' day of the season. The picnic was splendid. The weather was gorgeous. The company was refreshing. What else can you ask for?

The treasure hunt was a huge hit. Great job, Lyn! The clues rhymed and made the kids think just enough to make the hunt interesting, but not overwhelming. Lyn could probably box it up and sell it, it was that good.

And what picnic would be complete without a group picture? This one was full of flipped eyelids, fart noises, turned up nostrils and other general unruliness.

A successful day, all around. Pleasant reminders of the reasons we choose to homeschool and many thoughts of appreciation at being able to do so.

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km said...

I'd love to hear more about the scavanger hunt. Our First Day group photo didn't have all the unruliness...but the co-op group I'm meeting with, in each of our homes a Kindergartner is our oldest...and there's a handful of 2's. The older ones were all so polite. I'm sure that will change...as they learn how to make fart noises on their hands. Right now the only ones my boys know about are the daddy ones on their tummies. Zerbert (what we call them here). As for the knitting. I refuse to do house work when everyone else is asleep. Once all the kids are in bed, M watches ESPN and I knit. So at least we get to sit together. So, that's my knitting time. And after a few years of crazy knitting every night, I'm picking up speed.