Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ks Birthday

Ks 10th birthday was filled with a little more glitz and glamour than we traditionally have come to expect or plan for. That was fine and dandy for her - a newly 10 year old "pre-teen" <-- her words. Me, I'm actively fighting to keep them as young as possible for as long as possible.

Birthdays in our house involve a few gifts as soon as you wake up. Makes for great pictures. Really. Celebrating at Grandma M and Dr.G's house was no exception. (Birthdays in our house usually involve a few gifts and a family outing with a lunch or dinner of the celebrator's choice. This year, since we were in the Baltimore area, K chose to visit the National Aquarium - which we did on the 22nd. The rest of the festivities happened on Dec. 23rd, K's 'real' birthday.)

Grandma M, who was excited about our first holiday with her had gone all out. K, in fairly good spirits (and totally shocking us who know her truly introverted, never-preforming nature) donned the crown provided for the festivities.

There was some shrieking involved during the unveiling of the gifts. This one in particular is an engraved iPod Shuffle. It's a good thing B thought to load it and charge it before we left home.

A little later in the day, we ventured out for the traditional Cake Search. K seemed a little daunted by Grandma M's wielding of the fire extinguisher when it came time to eat said cake. Apparently Grandma's house is equipped with a fairly sensitive sprinkler system.

The day was ended with a surprise trip to Medieval Times for a dinner show. Go White Knight!


oom said...

How great!! A milestone like "10" SHOULD be celebrated with a little extra pomp and glamour, imo lol!

Thanks for posting....looks like she had a very happy and memorable day :-)

jugglingpaynes said...

It looks like she had a blast! What a nice way to celebrate double digits!
If she enjoyed the Aquarium, some day you will have to come visit us and we'll take you to the Bronx Zoo. Much closer than Baltimore!:o)
Peace and Laughter!

Penelope said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! Happy Belated Birthday to K!