Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcome T'mortons, Can I Take Yerder?

SillyMortalMama reminded me of something when she mentioned Chester Drawers.

A disturbing trend has been noticed at our local Tim Horton's. When the kids remark on it, I know it must be a fairly pronounced trend. Occasionally we'll use the drive-thru.

Welcome t'mortons. Can I take yerder?

Yes, I'm flattered to be welcomed to Tim Horton's. You most certainly can take My Order. Or-der. Two words: Your. Order.

Then, while you're at it, you may also make eye contact, you may put the lid on correctly after stirring my coffee and then pass it out the window to me. If you notice it dripping, do not sigh and roll your eyes as hot coffee trickles over my wrist and onto the ground while I scramble for napkins over in the glove box all because you lack the courtesy and common sense to prepare a coffee in the cup!

Also, if my coffee or-der totals $2.60 (large double-double and a medium triple-triple decaf) and I hand you $2.75, you are then obligated to return $0.15 to me!! Don't stand there looking out the window at me like you expect me to drive away without my change. What IS that? Such an attitude of entitlement. Unless, of course, I'm now expected to tip sloppy customer service?! I don't recall that memo.

Which reminds me of another story. Same Tim Horton's. I'd say a different employee, however, since they all seem to acquire the same drawled vernacular, it's hard to tell.

Employee: (while having chest and an elbow draped on the counter) That will be $4.60.

Customer #1: (opens wallet to get money)

Employee: Oh!! I take $20 tips you know!!

Customer #1: (ignore rude comment from Employee who continues to lean over counter and stare into wallet; hand over cash to pay) Thank you, Ma'am.

Employee: Ma'am!!?? You called me 'Ma'am'!! Hoooollllyyy! I should keep this $20 as a tip. 'Ma'am' is for old ladies! (turn to fellow employee) Hey Jessica, this guy called me 'Ma'am'!!

Customer #1 gets his change and moves on. Customer #2 approaches counter.

Employee: What can I getcha, Ma'am?

Seriously. How would you feel if you were Customer #2. I cannot believe the ignorance of some people. If this is how they behave at work, I am scared to think how they behave in the company of friends and family.


Penelope said...

LOL Bonni, I love this post! We've had our fair share of eye roll moments at Timmie's as well. My son has a milk allergy, so I asked an employee if their cookies contained milk (we were on a road trip and desperate for a snack). She looked at me for a beat and shrugged. So I asked if she might be so inclined to check the ingredients. She shuffled to the back of the store and was gone for a while. When she came back, she told me that no, there wasn't any milk in the cookies. I thanked her, ordered two chocolate chip cookies and then paid. As I was leaving, she said, "Yeah, there was just skim milk powder."


justjen said...

Sad but true, T'mortens isn't the only place to find such conscientious
service. With folks barely out of their teens "managing" so many places it is no surprise that the old rules of "the customer is always right" and "courtesy is important" are long gone. They left with the "Old Guard" when they were tossed out for younger folks who work less hours and don't cost as much to employ. Training? How much can you squeeze into an afternoon? I put my time in as a youth at McDonald's and also spent time at Sears. You didn't have go too far across the line to lose your job back then. Courtesy was always number one, along with a great number of other "rules" of conduct.

oom said...

And people wonder why I got out of retail management. It wasn't the customers I wanted to was the staff that drove me to drink ;-P.

Frankie said...

We always gripe about the fast food people in our town repeating back "mElk" instead of mIlk. I guess we shouldn't complain.

I've never been to a Tim Hortons.