Monday, January 14, 2008

Pics - Our Christmas 2007 Trip

Opening the travelling gifts from G. Christmas this year has officially begun - Dec.20/07

The sleeping quarters at Grandma Maddie's house.

The Lindt Chocolate store. Who knew?! And you can buy individual chocolates! In flavours we Canadians have never even heard of! Raspberry and orange. Raspberry and Orange!!!

A decadent way to end lunch on the 22nd.
Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day. More electronics. I fear I may never again see an unplugged kid. That's not true...they're pretty good at self-regulating. Sort of.

Boomer. Old crochety bachelor at the grand old age of 25. Unless you have food. Then he's charming.

Kellie. Lovely young chatterbox. Known to antagonize others.

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