Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Post Holiday Santa Hat

A few years ago, I came across a pattern at FreePatterns.com that I liked. It's a chunky, crocheted Santa Hat. I whipped one up in short order, only to find that it was huge. This prompted me to actually read the beginning of the pattern which clearly states that it is sized to fit over a Santa Wig. And just who might wear a Santa Wig? A big, burly, Santa-ish man, don't you think?? I gifted the large hat to my dad, the only Santa-ish man I know.

I began another Santa Hat, this time, reducing the pattern - not really at random - hoping it would fit one of the kids. I was, surprisingly, successful. Surprisingly, because I was new to this whole crochet thing and I didn't really understand stitch gauge or modifying patterns.
Fast forward a few years to Christmas 2007. K and I were shopping before leaving for our Christmas trip and she found some very bulky, kinda sparkly white yarn. It would be great for another Santa hat. R had been wearing the finished one nonstop and K would like one. I figure it's a hat, we're in Canada, hats are good.
On our long drive, I crocheted my little heart out. Until I ran out of yarn. Still, I'm not very good at the stitch gauge thing. The project was postponed until after Christmas. Which brings us to now. I did play with the pattern again to size it down a bit. It seems to be a fairly forgiving pattern. The finished hat is chunky and big and very warm, probably due to the sheer amount of yarn in the band. A giant pom-pop pulls the hat over in a pleasing Santa-Hat style.
I wonder if this counts as getting ready for Christmas 2008?


Julie said...

I just found you with our Unsocialized Knitters ring. I haven't looked at the members lately, so I am checking them out. It looks like you had a great Christmas. I really like the santa hat. I might just have to make one.

oom said...

Cool stuff! And thanks for the link to freepatterns...I have found a few things I want to tackle on there! Avoiding hats myself - last two I tried were 'not successful', let's say LOL!

Looks like Christmas was a great time. A little more relaxed this year?

jugglingpaynes said...

Bah! We don't need no stinking directions. :o)
Actually, Marina's working on her first beret. I'll post a picture when she's done. She likes to modify patterns too. Is this common for you knitter/crocheters?

Peace and Laughter,