Monday, January 7, 2008

Not A Day In The Life

I was going to go with a "Day In The Life" type of blog for you today. However, I recall that I cleaned up after the dog in the melting backyard today. I'll spare you.

Today was a little school-ish. But then, I'd been prepping the kids by counting down the days until we returned to a regular schedule. We hit the couch for some reading. Cracked the math books so we can remember what they look like. Squeaked out a couple of thank-you notes.

Have I mentioned I'm not the world's most patient person? Not only that, but I have no capacity to tolerate trying things. Most days I experience a moderate degree of frustration and annoyance. I blame my dad. Today, I managed to keep my wits about me. I didn't lose my patience with the kids. Sure, I was frustrated once or nine times, but I kept a handle on it and we got through the day accomplishing quite a few things. You'd think that now that I am thirty-twmmphlth that I would be mature enough to just accept these things and move on. Nope. Daily Struggle.

We are in the midst of a melt. It's been steadily getting warmer over the weekend. Everything is wet. We saw a cloud move through our back field ground level. We've been having work done on our building. New siding, soffit, fascia and eavestrough. The workers haven't been back since a week before Christmas. The siding is mostly done, but no eaves trough. It's a gamble stepping out the door to see who gets the drip down the back of their neck. There's water piling up everywhere. I was enjoying our tall snowbanks. I think I'll miss them. But, Winter is only beginning, so hopefully we'll see the snow return.

The Christmas tree has been put away. I packed up the ornaments making sure to mark the kids' new ones with their names and the year. I am glad that when they grow up and have their own tree that they will have plenty of ornaments to decorate it with.

So, an early night for me. These 6:30 mornings catch up with you in the evenings!

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oom said...

THANK YOU for your honesty re:limited patience. I spent a good part of the holidays thinking I was an evil mother b/c I was actually searching for ways to avoid the kids since my patience left with Santa! I seriously considered changing my name from "Mom" to something totally whacked and telling the kids I would only answer if they could guess my new name and say it to me...using only the power of their minds, not their voices LOL!

As for the little one summed it up best with one word = "Sloopy".