Saturday, February 2, 2008

Suggestions, please?

Can you see me pulling my hair out? Really. I'm frustrated. With various things. But blogging is right up at the top of the list for now. You will notice that I still don't have a header picture up. After a number of days playing with colour schemes, template options and other fiddly bits, I've given up.

Moving On.

I'm looking for some suggestions. Not about the blog...well, maybe about the blog if you felt like sharing. More seriously, I'm looking for suggestions regarding a science curriculum, or resource, or series. Something that is organized in some fashion that may be used to facilitate learning about science-y things. No explanation is necessary if you're not feeling chatty....just a title or a link is fine. If you'd care to streamline your suggestion, I'll leave some helpful hints.

Helpful Hints
  • I like things that are laid out and simple to follow.
  • Experiments that are not going to maim or destroy and that can be done at the kitchen table yet put away at the end of the day are good.
  • K likes bookwork, R, not so much.
  • K is all about the Life Science-y things: biology, ecology, zoology and R is more of a Physics/Probability/Chemistry sort of kid.
  • Mythbusters has been popular with both kids.
  • I'm all for something that jumps all over the map providing jumping off points if an interest presents itself.

Awaiting your responses with much anticipation,



oom said...

Oh have my kids.

I am still groggy (late night and a cold don't make the morning pleasant), but I will put forward my current 'fun' (likely you have already btdt, being so much further ahead on this education journey than I LOL!). We got our hands on an Usborne Experiment book and have been having some fun with it. So far, simple things like a battery out of pennies, foil and salt-water soaked paper towels....learning 'how things grow and why' with a carrot top and water (though dh just threw out the blooming carrot, thinking it was garbage)....salt crystals vs sugar crystals....all that fun stuff that can be played with and has relatively quick producing results. I just love the 'how...why...tell me more' that comes from things so simple...

Hopefully, some of my ramble sparks a direction for you LOL!

Frankie said...

We have always been "loose" with science, taking a very unschool approach to it. Thomas loves science, so that was our natural course. Last year I bought a science program, Power Basics Physics which Thomas and his father did together. It was tough for Thomas, although I think the tough part was working with dad.

This year I bought a used Glencoe science textbook off eBay. It is a *huge* hit. Thomas starts his day by reading in it. I have to skim ahead, because he will ask to do the experiments. So far, we've had everything on hand to accomplish them.

I always balked at text books because, well, everyone does. I've changed my tune, though.

Science is a tough one because I don't think there are a lot of great choices for homeschoolers out there.

Good luck!

Penelope said...

We've used TOPS science in the past with great success. It's an experiment based, hands-on program. My kids both loved it, and now that I think about it...I probably should get some new ones to play with.

Read alouds like The Mystery of the Periodic Table or Archimedes and the Door to Science are great too.

We almost bought Real Science 4 Kids, but backed out at the last second because Alex figured he'd tire of it quickly. He's not so much into text booky stuff.

Good luck on your quest, and be sure to keep us posted!

justjen said...

My guys all did the ABeka science programs and enjoyed them for the. It was always the first subject they completed! We also tried out things as we came across interesting experiments. My father had a copy of Popular Science from the '50s that was all about science experiments and it was something we never tired of and the activities were great. Now this was a number of years ago and I would bet there are also a great many sources on line now too. If K enjoys bookwork then she will definitely get into the program we used.

jugglingpaynes said...

Hmmm...How much are you willing to spend?
I was clueless when we planned to spend a year on physics, so I picked up a few Science in a Nutshell kits from

We also used a couple of books for chemistry titled Adventures with Atoms and Molecules by Robert Mebane. They are in my Library Thing catalog.

If you are just trying to get them interested in science, try looking for the Horrible Science series.

And if you've never seen an episode of Beakman's World, look for the DVD of some of his experiments.

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