Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!

Since pictures have been scarce around here lately, I thought I would share a pic of my birthday present. Notice the lovely new flat screen monitor? Notice the cords that are not cluttering up my desk? My new mouse and keyboard are free and unattached. I am very pleased with the new electronics. My ultimate goal is to get rid of the computer desk, mount the monitor on the wall and stash the box and printer downstairs. Of course, this will require the purchase of a couple of key pieces of pricey equipment, so it's not going to be an immediate set-up, but with my birthday present, we're well on the way. I am very much looking forward to making better use of the small amount of space that is available in our living area.

Otherwise, a lovely day. Perfect rink-building temperatures. (We're anxiously awaiting the opening of the outdoor rinks.) The kids and I did some housework and math. We went to Homeschooler Skating and then R's hockey practice. A nice ham dinner was waiting when we arrived home. That ham practically cooked itself! B cleaned up while the kids and I read. I fielded a number of calls from various family members wishing me a happy birthday, 8 telemarketing calls and a call from our building owners promising that a flooring company would be paying me a call to measure my floors for laminate flooring. It doesn't get better than this.

I'll leave you with this love tidbit overheard in the dressing room at the skating rink:

R: entering dressing room in an overexcited rush Hey - it's my Mom's birthday today!! Oh, hi everybody. (greetings exchanged) I'm not going to tell you how old mom is because it's not polite to share a lady's age unless she says it's ok. Hey - Mrs.P! You brought cupcakes! For my mom's birthday! Are there 33 of them? One for each year?!
How's that for discretion?


Romany said...

Happy Birthday, Bonni!

I'm most impressed by the tidyness of your computer desk!

Bonni said...

Thank You! I only had to remove a hairbrush, a sudoku puzzle book, a couple of stray papers, two business cards, a cafe menu, all the dust and an old email list that was taped to the wall.

oom said...

Happy B-day! (late)

Penelope said...

Happy belated, Bonni! Love the new flat screen :)