Friday, February 8, 2008

I'd Blog A Little, But... seems like the provider's having some problems. So I've been spending time away from the PC doing other stuff. Like reading. And watching Stargate: Atlantis with B. And playing in the snow - all 16.5cm of it - with the kids and the dog. And updating our timeline up with some timeline figures that reflect our history reading. And writing nasty (but professional sounding) emails to the owners of our property telling them what a useless person they have employed in the position of building manager and when exactly were they, the owners, going to address the questions/issues/maintenance requests that we have been repeatedly submitted.

Have a good weekend.


oom said...

At least you have been keeping busy LOL! I just did laundry and chased kids....not half as productive.

Say...did your brother like the scrapbook gift? (things I remember early on a Sat morning..)

jugglingpaynes said...

Oh good. My husband will have someone to talk to about Stargate Atlantis. I only watch it enough that I ask a hundred questions when it's on, which drives him crazy for some reason. :o)

Only 16.5cm? I thought our neighbors to the north measured snow in meters, not dinky centimeters. Global warming?

Peace and Laughter!