Saturday, February 9, 2008

Virtual Furniture Is Moving

In my unsatisfied quest to shuffle things up around here, I have dabbled where the techy-wannabe's should not.

It all started a few months ago when Doc mentioned that she uses a feed reader to wade through all the 384 292 495 sites she likes to keep up with. Clever, I thought. I thought I might even like to set me up one of them new fangled do-dads.

I did a wee bit of reading and nearly fell asleep because that is the particular physical response that occurs when I try to understand technical things that are beyond my simple reasoning abilities. Normally, I avoid such situations by having B explain them to me....which quickly turns into him just doing it for me. That's why I married him. You know how they normally say that necessity is the mother of invention? Not so. Just marry your Tech Support Wizard and you're all set. Ahem.

However, one of the reasons I began a blog was to expand my technical proficiency. So, I decided I must persevere. And boy, gee whiz, Wally, waddayaknow!!

I found this wondrous tidbit at Blogging Basics 101. Not only does the video explain what the feeds are, but it also explains how to set yourself up with a reader. Nice. So, I've set myself up with bloglines. It doesn't really appeal to me visually, but I must admit, I've got some favourite blogs subscribed to and does it ever make my morning blog-crawl super fast!! Now that I've been using it for a week or so, I think I may pop over to Google Reader and see if I like that reader better.

So, although no makeover is apparent here at Bonni's, I am still re-organizing and cleaning out bookmarks. It's refreshing like changing the furniture around and vacuuming places that haven’t been vacuumed since you last changed the furniture around is refreshing. Really. Now, if only I can figure out this feedburner thing...


Penelope said...

Baaahahahahaaaaa Bonni! I married my tech wizard too, for that exact same reason. I read that bit to my hubby and he laughed right out loud :)

I spent this afternoon checking out Google Reader before I stumbled over here to see what you were up to. Great minds, I guess. You're right, though, not nearly as visually appealing as reading the actual blogs. I may stick with my bookmark and wade through the list technique.

jugglingpaynes said...

My tech support hubby insists I am now more cyber savvy than he is. I beg to differ. I'm only good at this as long as no problems pop up. ;o)

Does Bloglines really save any time? I've looked at it now and again, but the only was I see it as time-saving is if you just want to check to see what's new. Don't you still have to go to the blog if you want to leave a comment?

Have fun with your virtual moving. Can't wait to see what it will look like.
Peace and Laughter!