Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Missing M & M

Mr.M, my brother, and Ms.M, his fiancee are off on a year-long adventure. They are living it up as millionaires in South Korea.

Of course, I think most people are millionaires if they are earning a paycheque in South Korean won. But I digress.

Mr.M & Ms.M are teaching English to students for a year. They're also taking advantage of any and every travel/adventure opportunity that pops up.

The kids and I have been in regular contact with Mr.M and Ms.M (a fact I directly attribute to Ms.M as Mr.M has been known to be...well...we'll just say he focuses on the task at hand to fully immerse himself in the pleasure and experience of the moment). I am especially enjoying Mr.M's very colourful play-by-play descriptions of his Korean adventures to date. I'm sure he's showing his best betrothed behaviour for Ms.M.

M & M left just before Christmas, due to return in time for Christmas 2009.

Most recently, they've been able to post some pictures for us to see. Tiny Korean apartments are a good substitute for marriage counselling, me thinks. They'll know everything about each other well before they're due to fly home, I'm sure.

We are missing M and M very much.

We miss seeing them around town.

We miss having them coach R's soccer team.

R and I miss our Friday morning dates at the rink with Mr.M watching my other brother play hockey.

K is missing Ms. M's girly, trendy influence.

We miss seeing what sort of crazy local adventures they participate in.

We miss watching Mr. M at football and basketball.

As I'm sure you've surmised, M & M are great fun. I'm sure those Korean kids are having a blast learning copious amounts of English. Goodness knows, lessons would be fun if not informative.

Perhaps they'll be feeling altruistic and they'll let me share some of their travel notes with the blogosphere. Hopefully I'll have more to tell you about M & M in the days to come.


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Anonymous said...

They look like great fun!

I envy them...one of my few regrets in life is not doing something like they are doing. What tremendous spirits they must have.

Sorry you're missing them, but what a fun adventure!