Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Update, A Rant, News and Some Whining

Hello. Some Random thoughts for you all today.

First Thought Not only did R have food poisoning then a fever, he now has a cold virus to rival all colds. If it's not enough to have one male in the house who is ill, the other male in the house is close to death. I'm not exaggerating, he said it himself. I think he might becoming down with whatever it is that is 'killing' R.

Second Thought The city has made a decision to not hire beach patrol lifeguards this summer. Who cares, you say? I care. It seems I care a lot. More than I should? Last week I read an article that mentioned the Recreation Director employed by our lovely city thought it might be a good idea to get rid of the summer lifeguards, a savings of $18,000. Then, in the next breath, she wants to hire a full-time arbourist at a measly cost of something like $6,000. Of course, it's only $6,000 if we get rid of the lifeguards... I never thought council would actually vote in favour of ditching our only supervised waterfront. But they did. And I'm angry for a number of reasons. Perhaps I'll blog about it when I can collect my thoughts somewhat intelligently.

Third Thought I have whiplash. At least it feels like whiplash. Can one get whiplash from skating 13K? Goodness, I am so out of shape, every time I move I hurt myself. I'm not sleeping because my back and neck hurt. I even stepped out of my box and bought some muscle relaxants. Man, a dose of those can make one very dizzy! And it says to drug up with 2 pills 4 times a day. 4 times! Not very likely.

Fourth Thought Being so frustrated with hurting myself every other stair climb, I have decided to soldier though and take advantage of exercising opportunities. My dad has a couple of kayaks. He was thinking about going for a quick paddle this weekend so I signed right up for an early morning paddle on Saturday. Dad is not too keen on the idea. He's worried about me flipping the boat and succumbing to hypothermia in the icy river before reaching the shore, leaving the children motherless. A bit alarmist of him, don't you think? Just for the record, flipping a kayak usually takes some effort. I don't think I have the range of motion or the muscle strength to accomplish that at this particular time. At any rate, I will paddle close to the shore. Hopefully, I'll have some pics up Saturday afternoon for you.

Fifth Thought Once final upcoming blog change for me. I'm tired of trying to tweak things in html unsuccessfully. SO I have been prowling about for a template that I like. A template that I can put my own header into, or not. A free template that I will be happy with so that I can spend time on actual blogs and links, labels and archives. I'm so looking forward to it. I'm sharing this thought with you so that if you happen to pop by in the next couple of days and my blog is inaccessible, you'll know why. I don't want to do a live change. I want to surprise everyone with the new wallpaper all at once. It will be so exciting. So if you're reading this and you'd like your link in my new sidebar, leave a comment and let me know sooner than later.

Sixth and Final Thought of the Day On the homeschooling front, K, the girl child, will be participating in a Red Cross Babysitter and First Aid Training tomorrow. She will be joining a number of other homeschoolers and their siblings for the day. This will necessitate a trip to the store to procure brown-bag lunch trimmings. I think I will leave the dying males at home and K and I will head out shortly before I take any drugs. I think we will also pick up some ColdFx (even if it is too late) and other throat soothing remedies. I wish these males would drink tea. It would be so much easier. Oh yes, homeschooling: not much has happened here this week. K is keeping up with her math all on her own. Pleasant to see such mature independence on her part. The kids are keeping up with their book club reading - many of the selections they are asking me to read aloud to them. I'm glad they're not too old for that yet. I was going to say that we're taking an early March Break, but a little more likely is that the February blahs are occurring. That's be about right on schedule for me - I'm a notorious procrastinator.



jugglingpaynes said...

Awww, the poor dying males.
Do you think it was the fries? :o)
Good for K for schooling herself. Marina is like that. I've toyed with the idea of unschooling the younger two, but the aren't as self-motivated.
Can't wait to see the changes.

Peace and Laughter!

Anonymous said...

I understand and commiserate with your anger over the lifeguard changes. Priorities of an aging council, do you think? Remember, you don't see any of them using the beach.

I envy your coming kayaking adventure! It looks like it should be a beautiful morning for that.

And let me know how the new template goes. I have looked but haven't found anything to my can add me if you want LOL!

justjen said...

Looking forward to the creative changes! I hope next week is a better one.