Sunday, March 22, 2009

Taking Inventory...

...or "In Which I Address An Irritating Personalty Trait".

I really hate certain aspects of social conversation. I suppose they could all be lumped under the category of 'Confrontation'. Or more benignly, I suppose 'Assertiveness' would do. In my personal life, I don't have a history of being terribly assertive and I avoid confrontation at very nearly all cost.


This weekend is the RVHEA Used Book Sale. This weekend I will step out of my box. This weekend I will ask people for money; a part of social conversation that I think requires a certain amount of 'Assertive'. Wish me luck.

Now. If I could just get past 'Procrastination' and stick a price tag on something, I'd be well on my way.

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justjen said...

Just call if you need help.