Saturday, March 7, 2009


After our skating adventure on the Rideau Canal on Thursday (pics and blog to follow) we came home with an additional house guest. At least R did.

For 12 hours, he hosted the wonderful effects of food poisoning.

This was especially disappointing as R had a Friday night boys' night with friends planned - dinner and a '67s game in Ottawa. I called and cancelled for R on Friday morning. I wasn't very popular with anyone. I'm glad I did, though, as R certainly wasn't bouncing back very quickly.

R slept most of Friday away with a curious little fever. K made plans to get picked up by my mom and spend the night with her. They do girl stuff together like watch old episodes of Full House for hours on end. R and I hung out reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He thought he might like some gelato so we took a short car trip. He only had two small bites, but it stayed down. We were making progress!

K arrived home this morning, pale as death. She flopped on the couch and hasn't moved. No fever (yet?) but no appetite, energy or joie de vivre. Interesting.

I'd just like to note that when they were babies, the kids never got sick together. Any cold or other ailment was always spared the other until the first was mostly recovered. Most recently, this was experienced last Spring with the Chicken Spox. A lovely month-long affair.

R didn't appreciate being left alone in his bed while I was taking care of things around the house. K didn't feel up to moving over on the couch to make room for her brother. I was getting frustrated running up and down with pillows and water and the dog underfoot and can you get the curtains now mom and maybe I would like a straw now that I think about it and arrgh!

The cot! Years ago I bought a cot when the family bed was shrinking. It's come in handy over the years. Today I employed it in the living room.

So here we are on a lovely Spring-link Saturday afternoon. Cooped up in the darkened living room feeling very run down. R is perking up and is keeping down a generous helping (for a sick person) of soup. K just feels like dozing. Everyone is much more content now that they are lying down - separate but together. The dog is happier - and less underfoot - as well.



Anonymous said...

Poor kids! We have that crazy cold running thru the house - again. I will be so glad when the warmer weather hits.

Hope everyone there is feeling like themselves again very soon!

BTW, like K's photo of you below :-)

Dorothy said...

Oh dear, well I hope it didn't go on for too long!