Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Election Thoughts

A confession of sorts. Until yesterday, I had never voted. I understand that it is my right and duty. Normally, I follow the election races. In general, I like to know the candidates' platforms. The kids and I follow all these things and talk about the popular issues and the sticking points. The kids know the difference between the Federal and Municipal governments. For this past election, they could rattle off most of the candidates and the offices that they were running for. But, until yesterday, I had never actually voted. I should say that I am ashamed. I am a proud Canadian. So yesterday's voting was educational. But I think God was sending me a message of sorts with the results.

First, He was telling me that voting is a democratic process and the voice of the people ( in the collective sense) will be heard. Just because I actually made it to the polls doesn't mean I am Queen High And Mighty Local Political Master Know It All Chooser Of Candidates.

Second, He was affirming that I must take the road less travelled. I just can't conform. Obviously. The candidate I chose for mayor didn't win. It's sort of ok as the winning candidate is in most ways of the same mindset as my favorite. However, I didn't vote for Mr. Winner as I have seen his parenting practices in person. If one can't control one's own child in a public setting, how is he to demand the respect of, and lead to better times, or community? If rude and violent behaviour escapes his notice, exactly what else are they going to slip past him?? Apparently we've got four years to see. Didn't fair too well on the counsellor selection either. The two I didn't want to see in in our ward succeeded. The new guy I voted for won, though. That was the only bright light on my ballot.

Rai accompanied me when I filled out my ballot. And the ladies were careful to explain the ballot counting machine to him. They told him what to watch for and he understood when the machine accepted my ballot. So that was a good thing.

I will say that I will vote in all other elections that come my way. It is a good example of exercising our freedoms and doing our part for this great country. And as the boys at Beavers learned tonight, people died fighting for this (among other freedoms). The least I can do is this one little thing.

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