Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ok, This Stuff Is Weird

I've been blog-hopping, as I tend to do. There seems to be a trend to learning wierd things about people. I will spare you my list of wierd things for a couple of reasons.

But here's one for you. I was reading over at Thoughts from the Home Front about lining up Smarties/Skittles/M&Ms into colour groups before eating them. Who knew that many people did that??!? I do that!!! You line them up, eat the extras, make a rainbow and then eat the treat.
So here I was thinking about this the last few days when what do I see?? Yup. That's Kori. Lining up her Smarties. Where does she get this stuff?? Genetics?? **sorry, missing picture**

Poor Rai's treat was interrupted. Rather rudely. He had just opened a lollypop. He was sitting beside Kori on the couch. The dog was sleeping on the other side of Kori. You see where this is going, don't you? The dog wakes up, contorts herself just enough to stretch her neck across Kori's lap and licks Rai's treat. Who does that?!? Apparently my dog, the sneak. I won't tell you who taught her to lick lollies. I couldn't betray Brian like that.

And for your mindless Entertainment News update. It appears that OJ Simpson is giving a TV interview (and launching his new book). It is titled "If I Did It." Essentially he'll tell us how he would have killed his wife, if he had done it. In two evenings of viewing pleasure, no less. Two questions pop into my head. Is it just me or does he do something every few years to keep his name in the news?? And, is there really any point to this type of thing? It just seems so useless. I am so glad that we have chosen not to have tv in the house. Oh that a wierd thing??

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