Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lazy Wednesday Evenings...

We have no activities to run off to on Wednesday evenings. Once Brian comes home around 4, everyone has some down time. Dinner is usually a little later and sometimes more elaborate. Tonight is roasted potatoes - the only way Kori will eat them - and salmon. Raiden's been asking for salmon for a week now.

How do you make salmon fillets from frozen so that they actually taste good? The kids won't eat spicy or creamy. So I guess it's a little lemon, butter and dill. Not terribly exciting in my opinion.

Had a bit of a blip on the 'productivity' front today. I spent too much time on the computer. I let the kids spend too much time on things they wanted to do before the things we needed to do were done. However, instead of stressing about it too much, I made sure that the basics were done. Morning chores were done and we were presentable to answer the door. Brian's lunch was ready when he came home. We did our reading and school work and all that is left is dinner and showers for the kids.

We read yesterday's paper to understand the election results. Kori's math was based on that today. She also did some work on Ch.4 of her novel study. She completed some Guiding badge work and got her repot ready for badge testing next week. Both kids did a colouring page while we reviewed our history lesson from yesterday: the origins of writing; cuniform in Mesopotamia and hieroglyphics in Egypt. Rai did some math facts and I reminded him about carrying numbers in addition. Most facts he does in his head, but I know he needs to be able to work out problems on paper. He will do anything to get out of printing, so I guess mental multi-digit addition helps with that. Rai finished his printing work from his Literature Study book we read yesterday and we read the next book. His author this Fall is Robert Munsch. He can read the books but he prefers not to. Not a pleasure reader, that one.

Onwards and upwards to tomorrow. An early morning for Rai's appointment at the lab and then to the hospital to pick up his ultrasound films in preparation for next week's appointment at CHEO. Perhaps a few groceries and school work in the afternoon. Our postcards arrived today - very beautiful postcards that I do not really want to send away - so we will start our postcard exchange for the homeschool forum.

That's all for tonight. I am off to finish the evening and then spend some time with Bri. We're out of movies to watch...I wonder if he wants to watch me ....

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