Thursday, November 30, 2006

This Week's Lesson

Monday started out all right and then went steadily downhill. School work wasn't working out. We couldn't even get our morning chores done without conflict requiring negotiators to resolve. By the time Brian came home for lunch at 10:30, I was angry, the kids were sullen and nothing was getting better. We drove Brian back to work and then I got a coffee and we went for a drive. I had the best intentions of starting fresh once we got home, but we all needed some down-time first.

So we did RECESS. I stopped at the new playground by the river and let the kids out. It was relaxing. I was sitting in the car, watching the kids play, appreciating Rai's health and Kori's loving big-sister-ness. I think I even considered that getting out of the car with the kids may have been the best choice. After all, fresh air and activity are the fastest ways to a more active life style and a better mood. At least, that's what I learned in Recreation 101. I even threw up there a 'O Lord, I wish I could find the extra energy..." I thought it was a bit of wishful thinking.

We went on with the day. A visit with the Grandparents, lunch, a visit with friends for garage-hockey. Then the day kicked into high gear. Get Brian from work. Pack food for the kids. Get them ready for Guides/Hockey. Drop Kori off with mom so they can get to Guides on time. Get Rai dressed and out on the ice. Here's where I usually sit with Bri in the stands and wait for the second heat to start.

But no...Today was Hockey Picture Day. Silly me, I took Rai's helmet up in the bleachers with me. So when he's done his pictures, I run it back to him. Run back up to sit with Brain. Run back to the boards to get the picture order form. Climb back up to Brian to decide on the photo package. Rush back to the boards to find out when to hand it in and who to pay. By this time, I'm a little miffed with Brian. After all, couldn't he come down to the boards with me and save me from all this running?!?

Then it occurs to me. Hadn't *I* been the one who wanted to find the opportunity to find the extra energy to add in a bit of movement to my usually sit-still day?! And, um, didn't this qualify as 'extra'??

Of course, you have to be careful what you ask for in this life. That is a lesson I learned early on. Because if you ask, you are likely to get. God knows I'm not the most motivated individual out there. I usually need a helping hand. I'd consider 6 trips across the hockey rink a helping hand, wouldn't you? And as soon as I realized how stupid I was to be blaming my frustration on Brian, guess who joined me at the boards to watch the end of Rai's practice?? My loving, very forgiving, overly tolerant husband.

I tell the kids that God is all around us; always watching; always listening; helping us to make good choices. I tell them that they can call that little voice in their head whatever they want (God, Jesus, their conscience) but they would do well to listen to it. And then sometimes God slaps me up the side of the head and tells me to quit making life more difficult than it really is. I really should pay attention to the things I tell the kids.

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