Saturday, November 4, 2006

May I Be Confusing For A Moment??

So I have this blog...which I have invited the family to share in. So that they may see what homeschooling for our family is like. So that I can share whats going on with them, etc.

I know we are not the easiest family to deal with. But doesn't every family have their own quirks? I have decided to follow my husband's lead in a bunch of areas and that may be seen by some as 'giving in' or 'being oppressed' or whatever. I sort of see it as trying to find my place as a good wife and mother in my own family - you know, doing the whole 'what works for us' thing?? Brian brings up some very good points regarding support and respect that I really benefit from.

I can be reasonably certain that most of the family doesn't come here to check in. But that doesn't give me the right to go on and on about them or be critical. That would be disrespectful. (See?! I'm listening...) So why have this silly webpage if the family that I am supposed to be keeping up to date couldn't be bothered? That's rhetorical, by the way.

Might I just share this: my family (not the ones I chose or birthed) is frustrating me. I really really apreciate their help...I know and understand the sacrifice they take on to provide for me. It is obviously not my place to demand the same considerations they would give others. It just seems to me that if they would extend those same courtesies, even though I may not deserve them, entire projects would go more smoothly. Instead, I get frustrated, the kids get shafted, Brian gets frustrated and wants to rescue me by 'fixing' things...which I won't let him I end up telling him only part of the story. See how it just gets out of control? And so goes the weekend for me...stressing, worrying, sitting around in my p.j.s avoiding things until 3pm on a Saturday.

Oh. Before I go, I should tell about the hockey game we went to last night. First, I am glad they were free tickets. The boys certainly haven't found their groove on the ice yet. There are at lest 10 new drafted players in from the States. The mother in my feels like I should bake a pie for all of them. Anyway, so they're out there playing their little 17-year-old hearts out. Behind us is a row of very vocal, very rude people. So much so that Brian and I picked up the kids in the third period and left to watch the rest of the game rink-side by the snack bar. I explained to the kids that we do not want the kids exposed to such inappropriate behaviour. It is fine to shout and cheer and get excited at a hockey game. It's hard not to. However, it is not appropriate to be heckling, shouting and keeping up such a tirade that the entire section is commenting on it.

Now, the very, very unfortunate thing is that the people we had to move away from were the 'responsible adults' in charge of a couple of kids that Kori and Rai really like to watch the games with. It was an exercise in irony to hear the kids reprimanded for heckling and carrying on when they were only copying what they had hear from Auntie and Grandpa. We won't be sitting there anymore. Which is saying a lot as Brian is a sit-in-the-same-seats-every-time kind of guy. Oh well, maybe the kids will be able to visit inbetween periods. That is, if the Braves improve their playing style this season. It was a pretty painful game.

In other home-town hockey-game news...the lady sitting in front a couple rows down is back together with her boyfriend. They had broken up a few months back. She had told him to 'get out and take all yer stuff when you go!' So he did. He took everything. Including the newly installed stick-on laminate flooring. I know, I know...there's no humour in such vindictive behaviour...but I wonder if he stuck it back on when he moved back in???

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