Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Family Happens...

Our place has become the Do Drop Inn. I love it. Dad has started a new job just down the road from my house. So after his day, most days this week he's popped in for a chat. Tonight, we gave him dinner. I think he liked that. My brother, M. is home from university for the week. We had invited him for dinner tonight (BBQ and a lovely fresh fruit bowl) and we are firmly involved in the first period of a very exciting hockey game as I type. He usually zips home for a day and then rushes back to school. So it's been nice to see him. My other brother, B. - being unemployed since the business closed - has been more visible around here as well. My mother, the embodiment of perpetual motion, actually come to my house, took off her coat, sat down and visited long enough to have a whole cup of tea. Even my computer has proven useful as they are having internet connection problems out at the farm house. We have been enjoying all the activity and visiting very much. Although, it doesn't leave me much time for blogging.

Thanks to Doc, the kids and I have started some activities for Astronomy Week. It actually fits in nicely as we've just been discussing different branches of science and where everything in our world fits in. The kids are interested in space and all things galactic. I'll put some pictures of our home-made book up tomorrow. We have been gravitating to the 'EnglishSmart' workbooks lately. Rai working in the #1 and Kori in the #4. The Saxon Math has been on the shelf lately. I'm not worried, though...we'll get back to it. I like how I'm getting more flexible in my old age.

We managed to get some of the much-required socializing in today. I wish I had my camera. We were in the grocery store in the middle of the day (read: old men in hats pushing carts behind old ladies with lists at an average speed of .0067 mph). We ran into a couple of boys and their dad- also homeschoolers. So the four kids caught up on kid-ly things. Mainly face making, creepy stares and bodily contortions. It was great. Love it when my kids get to 'socialize'.

I'm off to join the rest of the fam for the watching of the hockey game. Raiden made sure we purchased 'Lay's, the official chip of the NHL' today at the store. I made onion dip, so we're all set. Hope everyone is having a great week.

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