Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WIP - Finished Knitting!

I never thought I would finish. But I have! Yea Me!

I ran out of one of the yarns used for this piece. I kept knitting with the other yarn to finish as best I could. Hopefully, once it is sewn together, that last bit won't be noticeable. With the colours and the pattern intact, I'm sure it will look just fine. I might even be able to hide that end in a seam somewhere.

Here I am blocking. Once the two rectangles of knitting were wet, it was pretty easy to pin them to the correct measurements. What a relief!

So, hopefully it will be dry soon and I'll do my best to sew it together properly, the first time. Please see my other knitting blog if you would like to relive the misery of me knitting 3½ of these silly pieces in order to have 2 finished.

Otherwise, stay tuned and after a quick picture, I'll have this puppy sewn up and shipped off asap.


jugglingpaynes said...

Looks beautiful! I appreciate your skill. I can't even tell you ran out of a yarn. I watch my daughter knit and I have no idea how she gets it to do what she wants. My yarn always had a mind of its own!

Peace and Laughter,

OOM said...

Very nice! KUDOS!