Saturday, May 19, 2007

Long Weekend By The River

The weather has been so nice the last few days. We've made sure to be out and about with the kids. We especially like to head down to the river.

Here we are, yesterday, discussing the depth of our waterfront and just how quickly hypothermia would set in if one were to fall in while wearing corduroy pants and a sweater. That's Northern New York State there in the background.

Here are the little miscreants themselves. Now, the preparatory speech to the children before disembarking the car was, "kids, we're out for a quiet walk before going home to bed. Let's walk the boardwalk and enjoy the fresh air." Of course, my visions of a family stroll were quickly dashed due to the lure of the greenery strategically placed at the sides of the walking path. They came out of the 'jungle' pretty quickly once Brain and I began discussing bats and how they start to wake up in their 'jungle' homes just about this time of day.

I suppose this little detour could be construed as part of the boardwalk. This spot greens up very nicely throughout the summer season. It's one of the kids' favorite spots.

See? Doesn't it look nicer all greened up with the water is on? This is a pic from Canada Day 2006.

Here we are this evening a little further west of the previous pictures. Again, State-Side on the far side of the river. That wee outcropping of sunny rock and trees above the heads of the fisher-boys is one of the many 1000 Islands.

I used to climb these rocks when I was a kid. So did Brian. Of course, they were much bigger and it took a great deal of daring and bravery to climb them then. Certainly, we are taking a huge risk with the very lives of our children by letting them run around up here.

Brian thinks he's found an ok fishing spot for the kids. Thanks to the zebra mussels that are now prolific in the area, we can clearly see the bottom of the river. It's rocky, and weedy, and the kids won't drown if they fall in. That's not really Brian's idea of 'good fishing', but it's good enough for me. I think Brian's idea includes an aluminum boat and a bucket of worms somewhere near the middle of the river.

So, perhaps a trip to the local Canadian Tire to purchase a fishing licence for Brian tomorrow. After all, he can't not fish if the kids are going to.

In other news, Raiden is looking forward to Day #2 of Soccer Camp tomorrow morning. He also may be sleeping over with Nanny and Grandpa tomorrow night. Kori's having a relaxing weekend - a favorite pastime of hers - made especially enjoyable because of the Sens' win this afternoon. Brian managed to conjure up a spectacular helicopter crash in the backyard this afternoon, smashing up his last pair of rotor blades. I don't think he was terribly impressed, but it was pretty exciting to watch. He's tinkering away tonight, trying to get a heli ready to fly in case the wind dies off anytime this weekend. And to wrap up the current events, Nuk managed to make a friend tonight. After a Houdini-like escape out the front door as we returned home from our outing, she was saved from the dangers of the road by a 'Levi', a Golden Retriever from the neighbourhood. She occupied herself with much sniffing of nice, well-behaved Levi before she had to go back in the house. Poor Nanuk. For all you dog lovers out there, I promise I'll be a better dog mom. I've got a good book reserved at the library so I can brush up on some training basics. That should make for interesting blog-fodder.

So, there's another wee picture into our little piece of this rock we're all riding on. Don't be shy - I see all you voyeurs peeking in - leave a comment. I'm somewhat curious about you South American surfers. And I know there's a set of spying eyes over there in Oregon. Nice to see you stopping by. And those of you in the UK and otherwise European set, thanks for stopping in. My Scottish/Irish/English roots are itching to hear from you as well.

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