Wednesday, May 30, 2007

School Today...

I figured we should so something today, so I was up and in the shower before Brian left for work. Not that we don't do anything most days, but I am definitely not 'up and in the shower' at 7:15 most mornings.

I read the news and did my round of blogs before the kids were up. And when they did get up, we got going.

Raiden and I played Set. I read about this game of visual perception this week on the TP Homeschooling board. It's a thinker! We tried out the online game here and here. Kori tried on her own later in the day.

After breakfast, we all worked on our own thing. I finished my knitting project. Raiden spent the hour organizing his hockey cards and Kori was typing madly on a new story.

After Brian's lunch, we had the kids' math lessons. Kori went outside after her lesson to play a bit with the soccer ball while I helped Rai with his lesson. Which was a little short as I don't yet have a balance or scale and that happened to be the lesson of the day. (If that's not the story of my life, I don't know what is.) Rai went out and played with Kori after he was finished. I stayed inside and looked for balances and scales on ebay.

After our lunch, Raiden did his Handwriting and 2 pages of grammar. He read his Lego Club magazine and found a contest he wanted to enter. He was quite happy to print his own contest entry form. If that's not relevant printing practice, I don't know what is.

Kori worked a bit more on her story. She did a couple of pages of grammar: root words, comprehension, subjects and predicates.

Raiden and I did a German lesson. Kori participated for part of it. Sort of. If lying on the couch, mocking phrases and hitting herself over the head counts. I excused her from further attendance.

Throughout the day there was various forms of reading, playing, drawing and helping to clean up. My dad came over for dinner and the kids were quite happy to tidy up and play the happy hosts for Grandpa.

Currently, we're watching the first period of the 2nd game in the Stanley Cup finals. No score, 2 minutes to go in the first. Does that make sense to all you baseball fans? Rai has some reading picked out for the first period break and then it's lights out...until we do it all over again tomorrow. Except that I get to get up even earlier than I did today so I can help Brian take the garbage out. Can't wait.

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