Sunday, June 3, 2007


...she said in her best Jerry Seinfeld voice.

Our three day weekends have started. For the next three months, Brian takes Fridays off. He's done this the last couple of years and it seems to work out nicely. His employer doesn't have to find someone to come in and do his job for week-long stretches. His work doesn't pile up in his one day off. This is especially true during the summer months when much of the general working population of the plant is drastically reduced anyway. We're not travellers, so the three-day-weekend set-up is wonderful for us. We stay local, enjoy our town, the waterfront. We have time for the kids' activities without feeling rushed or like our entire weekend is spent running from the soccer field to the pool to a play date.

So, now that you're caught up on our new schedule, some pictures. You're all visual, admit it.

Friday's planned school work was usurped by an impromptu visit from my wee nephew. His daddy was called to an appointment unexpectedly and Wee Nephew needed a place to land for an hour. We were happy to be useful. Wee Nephew likes to chase Rai's balls, watch the kids, uproot Playmobil trees and experiment with fridge magnets. He likes peaches and Cheerios and isn't too sure of our dog.

Friday afternoon Brian took us fishing. It was hot and hazy, not your typical fishing weather. The kids, however, do not care when the fish are biting, they just want to fish. So off we went.

On his first dip in the pond, Brian retrieved this lovely specimen. Apparently, it's a pike. It had big teeth and an attitude.

I just love our waterfront. Look at that haze. Look at that lovely green island. Check out how calm the river is. See the lovely wide dock that my babies did not fall off of? Notice the expanse of space available so they could cast their own fishing rods with minimal risk of hooking a sibling.

Saturday mornings mean soccer. For us and just about every other household in the city. Kudos to my daring husband for this photo, shot from his lap in the general direction of the action with the camera held at arms length. That's our son, leaping athetically in the air.

And finally, Kori's highlight of the weekend. She caught her first fish ever. Then she caught two more. She's pretty glad she skipped her Girl Guide camp this weekend. Sunday afternoon, eight fish were reeled in between the three of them. I don't have a rod. I am the Gofer/Photographer Girl on these fishing expeditions. Quite happily I assume my role. Although, I must remember to bring along sunscreen with the camera, the coffee and the fishing paraphernalia. The poor kids thought their feet were burning today and had to stand ankle deep in leech infested creek water.

Have a great week all. I'll try to check in regularly. I'm anxious to fit in an appropriate amount of school work before Friday. I should be able to drum up something in the way of a story, a complaint or an amusing anecdote.


jugglingpaynes said...

How did you survive without coffee? ;o)
Congratulations to Kori for her catch! My only time fishing the fish didn't even touch my bait and I got sunburned. It ruined me for fishing.
Our neighbor,who led the fishing expedition, gave me his rod when he knew he had a bite, but it wasn't the same. Oh well. Fish will rest easier knowing I will never make a catch!
Peace and Laughter,

oom said...

Congrats to Kori on her wonderful fish catch(es)!! That is an accomplishment that will carry her thru the summer. Oh...and to Brian, too. Nice pike!