Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Raiden Throws A Dish

We've been playing at the new pottery studio here in town. Local artist Krista Cameron is leading the kids' classes.

Here's Raiden taking his turn at the wheel. He was so brave and didn't even flinch at the clay under his nails or the water that slicked it all up. He did mention that those were his favorite shorts when some gunk messed them up. But he sure didn't take his foot off the pedal to go wash up. I think he enjoyed himself.

After the clay is firmly affixed to the wheel and centered, Rai made a divet in the center as a starting point for his 'popcorn bowl'.

He pulled a hole to establish the bottom of his bowl while keeping tabs on the top edge.

He threw the clay up....and due to an unfortunate accident lost the top of his bowl. That's ok though, a pretzel dish will be just as good as a popcorn bowl.

After a quick fix-up to even the top off again, Rai pulled the clay down and out to make his bowl. He sponged a smooth, even edge...

Finally it was ready to remove.

Pretzel Bowl is drying at the studio now. I'm not clear as to whether the bowls are to be glazed or painted, but I suppose we'll find out next week. Rai had great fun making his bowl. He was particularly fond of how the sponge would fly off the spinning wheel when it was 'accidentally' dropped. The way the water would fling off the wheel was also pretty interesting.


jugglingpaynes said...

Today's lesson:Don't wear your favorite shorts when you play with clay. ;o)
Thanks for your note. Oddly, the marker was easier to get off of the cloth (velour?)seat of the car than off of her skin. There was a certain amount of scrubbing involved. She's just lucky she's cute...somewhere under all that ink.
That which does not give me heart failure makes me stronger!

Peace and Laughter,

Lucy said...

That looks great fun - great pictures.