Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What Happened Here?!

Did I ever mention my addiction for moving things around? It's mom has the same affliction.

It usually rears it's ugly head early some Saturday morning when you can't sleep. After sitting around for an hour or so, waiting for the rest of the household to wake up, you start to picture the couch over there...the table moved this way a bit...the entertainment unit up against the other wall. You start moving the little things. Then the medium sized things. Since you're moving them on your own, it becomes a little inadvertently wake someone up. You shamelessly conscript them into service before they become fully awake and run for the hills.

It just sometimes happens. For some odd reason, I get this nagging, insisting urge to move things around. It is sometimes nice, as the things that get moved get a good cleaning in the process....but it can really throw a kink in a weekend when I suddenly need to rearrange the living room. Or one of the kids' rooms. Rearrangements of this calibre take some time.

The last few years, I've had a bit of an urge-killing. Brian and I have a water bed...those can't be moved on a whim. Kori will only let me rearrange her things maybe once a year, tops. Raiden is no better. As our townhouse is now packed to the gills, it seems the rooms available for me to play out my penchant are steadily diminishing. Brian insisted on buying a monstrosity of a television. I can't physically move it. He did that on purpose.

So I am forced to diffuse these strange and sudden urges with my blog. I think I sort of like this change. Colourful. Now, if only I could get the 'insert a picture in your header' feature to work.

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oom said...

It's pretty.

If you figure out the pic in the header, let me know, will ya? I can't seem to get it to work, either.

Oh, and you aren't alone. I like to move stuff when no one is looking ;-)