Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Take What You Want And Leave The Rest

So you may have noticed a few changes here. I like to flip things around every now and then. There's been a few polite comments (thank you, ladies...) and Brian likes the old green better. I have a few other things I'd like to do. So the white will stay for a little bit, anyway.

I've been playing with some new stuff. Such activities would explain my absence of late. I'm looking at learning some Photoshop things. I've been playing with a new widget over at LibraryThing - I'd link you, but they've been having server problems. If I can figure out the widget thing, goodness knows what other fancy do-dads I'll be able to tack up around here. I'm also drumming up a list of HTML stuff that Brian needs to help me with. So Cristina, I'm not ignoring your Technorati questions, I just don't have an answer yet. You may have noticed the new additions to the sidebar: I've been poking around looking for new and interesting haunts. Which brings me to my next thought:

I like to read all kinds of stuff. A wise lady once wrote/said, take what you want and leave the rest. So, if you're poking through the links at the side, enjoy the reading, take what you want, and leave the rest. I like to have interesting people around me, and I like diversity. Heck, I'd be up the creek if I didn't. A cynic could read my life like a Jerry Springer Late Night TV Special if they really tried. But, enough about my closet. I hope you find some of my picks for the sidebar interesting. I hope to add to it regularly.

Since I blogged last Thursday, we had Raiden's birthday on Friday, soccer and fishing on Saturday, caught up all my laundry and went for dinner at my parent's on Sunday and dove into schoolwork on Monday. Lots of blog fodder there, but as I said, I've been absent. I do have photos though. Alas, that will also have to wait as I am off to spend the rest of the evening with that guy upstairs in the bedroom I like to call my husband.

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