Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Country Fair

With Wild Abandon, I am alerting you to this exciting blogging event.

The Country Fair is back!

I must admit, I was never privy to the previous Fair. However, I am very excited about this resurgence. Here's what Doc has to say about it. She's much more eloquent than I quote in part:

"What’s the country fair? It’s a homeschool carnival, without the paddle. A place where everyone has something to say - so long as it isn’t hurtful towards any specific socio-economic-racial-sexually oriented-religious group. Everyone is welcome. Shooting for a publish date of Monday, June 18th.

The theme for June’s fair: “How we celebrate diversity”

Okay, really - the Country Fair is an alternative to the more popular Carnival of Homeschooling, because a lot of people just aren’t comfortable with the administration of that carnival. The Country Fair will be run a bit differently. It has a home base, instead of traveling around. Hopefully, different bloggers will take control of this “home base” each month, establish a theme, and do all the stuff involved in putting it together..."

I may have to drum me up a glass of wine and see if I can pull off an attempt of a submission. I am so sick of the recent 'here's a cool thing to read....but I'm going to pull it in 3 days because my reader's aunt's cousin's mailman told me there's a cuss word on page 435 of the other blog the author's just not Christian...' trend that seems to be plaguing some Carnivals. I can say that. I'm a Christian. Any ideas of how I celebrate diversity? Maybe I should come out of the closet with my blended family? (I'll take a second while everyone gasps. You ok now?) Maybe I should write about my parental 'awakening' during my kids' years at Montessori? My struggle with trying to learn how to homeschool 'properly'?

I think we should all try to submit something. Even a short little something. Even you non-homeschooling-lurkers. If that's not a diverse author base, I don't know what is! Happy writing....see you at the Fair!

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jugglingpaynes said...

Your blog just get better and better! I love the LibraryThing thing. I'll have to copy you. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. ;o)
Does an entry about left handedness count as diversity? :o) Actually, one of the reasons I love our neighborhood is for its diversity.

Peace and Laughter,