Saturday, June 30, 2007

Good Morning...

WoW, and what an early morning it is! Been up since 5am. First, Raiden came in to get a sleeping buddy and then once he fell asleep, the dog started nosing my back. Nice. So I let her outside and then, I was awake. The 5 million screeching, squawking birds in the tree outside may have had something to do with that.

The plan today: Go Strawberry picking early. Now, if you know us at all, we are night owls, not morning birds. So, if berry picking works out this morning, please be suitably amazed. We would have to fit berry picking in before soccer starts. Which is where we will be most of the remainder of the morning.

Otherwise, nothing official planned for this lovely Saturday. I considered going to Riverfest, however, $14 admission in order to have to further pay for food, vendor sold items and mid-way rides does not appeal to me. We had wanted to attend the Children's Fishing Derby, but again, $14 to stand on a pier surrounded by 400 small children wielding barbed hooks just doesn't seem safe to me.

Tomorrow, I hope the weather is nice so we can take in some of the mid-day Canada Day celebrations. Canada is 140 years old this year, my American friends. Brockville, or the more endearing Brock-Vegas, is celebrating 175 years. I know, just a drop in the birthday bucket for my European friends, but 175 is pretty old for Canada-Land communities. In the afternoon, I hope to head down to the waterfront so the kids can take in some of an open air concert featuring some local kid-bands, as I refer to them. Some pretty great music and a very interesting crowd usually develop at the annual Pump Up The Volume event. Fireworks follow later in the evening. We've never actually stayed down at the waterfront from afternoon through to evening. Perhaps this will be the year.

Have a good long weekend all.

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