Monday, June 4, 2007

Gold Star Day

I am going to skip over the irritation, the stoic matter-of-fact-ness with which I trudged through the day, the dreary weather and the increasingly frustrating reminders I gave out all day today making me irritable and snarky in order to bring you the Gold Star moment.

Brian received a wee word of recognition from his employer today. It doesn't happen very often as said employer is offsite and it's generally a case of No News Is Good News. And just because Brian won't say anything himself, I thought everyone should know. Yup. I'm proud of my hard-working button-pushing man. Good Job, Baby!

In other life-long I began officially working with the dog. She is so totally motivated by food, it's pathetic. A few mini marshmallows at 10am and here she is, 12 hours later, staring at me with her brown puppy eyes, just waiting for a 'Sit' or a 'Down' or a 'Come'. Did I mention having a dog is like having a toddler? Forever?

School news: Math lessons, grammar and a history lesson were all done today. We finished reading about the birth and death of stars in our library books. Library books are due on Wednesday - don't let me forget! Raiden and I are heavy into the morning card games: Set, Kaboodle, Zigity. This new ritual is directly related to the absence of tv viewing. (Yes, Brian and I have done the unthinkable and said 'no tv' for a while.) Kori worked on some new comics and a story or two throughout the day. We had Kori's Girl Guide evening tonight. The third year girls 'graduated' and all the girls got the remainder of the badges and crests they've been working on. Kori received her 4 year Service Pin. She's pretty proud of herself. Raiden is printing and spelling up a storm since I've hung up the chalkboard a couple of weeks ago. He spelled 'sweater', 'ears', 'boats', and a few others today on his own in his grammar book. He's reading many of the lighter Calvin and Hobbes comic strips on his own. And, he says I should let you know, only 100 more math lessons for him in his Saxon book. Yes, folks, since the end of March, we've managed only 30 math lessons.

That's all for the day. I'm off to watch the end of the hockey game and set out our math work for tomorrow. I've not been commenting on my favorite blogs and I'm sorry. I'll try to do better...I promise! I've been thinking about re-decorating Bonni's and I think I've been distracted by those thoughts. I've been reading, though. Does that count??


jugglingpaynes said...

Kudos to Brian for his good news. My poor hubby is having a difficult time with his boss lately. Small company, lots of micromanagement. Think Mr. Dithers and Dagwood Bumstead.

You shame me with all the work your doing lately! I'm such a slacker! And no T.V.? I embarrassed to say my kids just finished watching some cartoons we have on DVD. True, they decided to watch with French dubbing, but they were happily in couch potato mode.

Peace and Laughter,

oom said...


Where'd the green go??

jugglingpaynes said...

Are you priming the blog before you paint it or is white the new look? Just curious!
:o)I like the blue lettering on white, it's easy to read, but what about a frame color? (I should talk. My cartooning teacher's voice still haunts me. "Cristina, when are you going to add some color to your pen and ink drawings?")

Peace and Laughter,